Beer, Burlocks and Whiskey Chasers

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Prohibition drifts into northern Vermont like the thick fog that occasionally envelops its major waterway, Lake Champlain. It is recklessly disregarded, dividing the nation and its family units, but offers economic opportunity for Armand Dubuc, a veteran of WWI returning home, finding no work, but willing to risk the dangers of rumrunning on this lucrative water route. Armand pursues a romance with Cosette, a comely French nurse who saved his life during the battle of Chateau-Thierry…

About the Author

Although a practicing lawyer for decades, Harmon S. Graves finds time to stray from the grip of his jealous mistress—as most practicing lawyers will concede the practice of law may fairly be called. Apart from his contributions to legal publications, he was inspired by his granddaughters to write an interactive children’s book—text and music, a biography of a popular landscape artist which allows the reader to see many parts of the world through the eyes of an artist, and has now completed the manuscript for his first historical novel…

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Beer, Burlocks and Whiskey Chasers




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