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I'm Only 3...and Look at All the Things That I Can Do!

A rainy day can be devastating to an active child. I’m Only Three and Look at All the Things That I Can Do! was brought into being on one such soggy day. Looking out a rain-drenched window, the author’s granddaughter asked, “I’m only three, what can you do when you’re three?” After some thought and play, the answer came to them in the form of song. Thus the lyrics of I’m Only Three were joyfully crafted by the combined efforts of grandfather and grandchild.

The song grew, was refined, and popularized by a series of serendipitous events. After that rainy Saturday indoors the sheets of I’m Only Three rested in storage for years in a piano bench. One day the composer encountered Margie Camp of The TrebleMakers, part of the non-profit Young Voices of Colorado. Together, with the help of accompanist Gretchen Timmer and the youth chorus, I’m Only Three came into its complete recorded musical form.

Now, with the publication of the delightfully illustrated I’m Only Three and Look at All the Things That I Can Do! the song has evolved into a new way to entertain young children and families alike. The books interactive feature, with easy to understand instructions encouraging young children to sing and accompany the TrebleMakers with simple instruments, distinguishes it from other books of its kind. This book is truly the answer to a rainy day funk!

About the Author
Harmon S. Graves is a practicing lawyer in Littleton, CO. He has authored and published a previous work title, Passionate Landscape: The Painting Journeys of Buffalo Kaplinski, and contributed to the book, Walking With Beauty, The Art and Life of Gerard Curtis Delano.

He is an avid student of jazz and is both composer and author, as evidenced by the publication of I’m Only Three and Look at All the Things That I Can Do!

About the Illustrator
Scot Ritchie resides in Vancouver, B.C. He has contributed illustrations to many children’s books. For more information on his art, visit

(2022, Hardcover, 17 pages)

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